TS Alyssa Hung in Tsseduction Ts Alyssa Hung just another night out, another dance floor, another cheating guy October 28, 2009 Curvy, Anal

Antho have married a few months ago. In his wedding day, he was seduced by Jessica Host and fucked from the chapel prior to walking down the isle. After a couple of months of not really marital bliss, then he finds his wife has cheated on him too. Devastated and eager for the only sort of hot sex he has ever needed, Antho finds his way into Alyssa’s pub for a shot of whiskey, some flirting, along with a night of begging for cock. Alyssa loathed her curvy figure up and down Antho getting his dick really hard it pushes his trousers. She kneels down, her lips running his penis to full mast until it is his turn to deep throat. Alyssa has Antho worship her entire body starting with her rock hard 8 inch dick all the way down her thighs and legs until she’s prepared to do what she loves the most – ass fucking. Antho is pushed to the couch while Alyssa takes him over and over, thumping his ass while he begs for it to cease, to last. . .She finishes him about the dance floor, then cumming on his back and then pushing his penis vacant. He leaves wondering at which he’ll wash up before getting home late, wondering when he will see Alyssa again…

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