Sarah Vandella in Girlsway Extradition: Part Three January 26, 2017 Squirting, Girl On Girl

Agent Sarah Vandella is questioning the Mexican prostitute Kat Dior to figure out what happened to Senator Adams raped daughter Abella Adams after the hostage witnessed her having sexual intercourse with notorious cartel manager La Luna. Its been days since La Lunas henchman Tori threw Kat Dior from the trunk and drove her to this hellhole. Agent Vandella still doesnt understand the position of the Yucatan safehouse, also Abella Adams might be everywhere now. When Kat figure out that she is going to be extradited to the US, ” she knows that shes great as dead. The cartel will kill her talking ahead of the Mexican military can process her because of a detainee. Desperate for her life, the nude hostage offers herself to Agent Vandella believing the only way shell live to see her daughter again. First Agent Vandella yells at her for inferring shes a lesbian. But she considers her offer, praising Kat to get a credible witness whose intel helped them grab Tori. Agent Vandella cups that the girls breasts in each hand as though weighing the chances. Kat promises to give her the best orgasm of her own life. Looking into the deep brown slopes of Kats eyes, Agent Vandella uncuffs the captive. The dank squalor of the interrogation room starkly contrasts the lush sexuality exuding from Kat Diors nudity along with her naked parted legs. Sarah kisses Kat about the mouth and slips from her military fatigues. Kat licks the nude agents large tits and suckles on her erect nipples. Agent Sarah folds Kat over and eats her bubble butt high in the air while she pinches her hairy pussy. Kat melts into the floor moaning, eager to please the lesbian MILF who attracts Kats nude vagina towards her horny pussy. Lesbian Sarah catches Kat by the buttocks and begins tribbing her hard until she fingers her soaked pussy and gets her cum all over her hands. Agent Vandella slurps her squirt and then sits Kats face, riding her tongue till she cums. She dismounts still twitching and preferences herself on Kats lips. Subsequently Agent Sarah orders the prostitute to sit down on her face until she cums on control, bathing them both in her sweet buds. Will Agent Vandella do the right thing releasing Kat Dior? Click to learn!

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