Owen Gray in Thetrainingofo THe Training of Cassandra Nix, Day Two January 24, 2013 Straight, Gimp

Day 2 Trainers ReportThe Training CurriculumTraining Principles:respectobedienceloyaltyTraining Goals:Focus, as it pertains to pain processingCommunication of what she is good forImprove gag and hood skillsTraining rules:Sir before and after each statementask permission to orgasmHomework assigned:Guy Baldwin – One hand written paragraph that tells us who is Guy Baldwin.Homework objective:to connect the concept of principles to servitude; to raise an awareness of leather cultureTraining Strategies:I The Hobblerestraint with ropes, gag and hood. She is made to focus on formulating her principles of servitude while bound, hooded, gagged and beaten with a flogger. She must work through the distractions and focus on the task.II The GimpBlowing the gimp in the BJ chair – trainee is instructed in oral service and made to orgasm with a hard cock down her throatIII the Fucking:Trainee is strung up and made to bounce her slave pussy up and down the formidable length of the gimps hard shaft. She is made to suck off the cock and wear the come on her face while homework for the night is assigned.

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