Poor defeated spy Reagan Lush awakens nude and covered in sweat sitting on her knees jump to a pole. The thousands pads are still attached to her big tits and also the tits continue twitching and jiggling from the electrical current. I come in carrying a large candle. Reagan&intense;s eyes widen in fear as I taunt her by pouring a few drops of this hot manner on her tits. She cries out in pain as I pour more and more hot wax . With every drop, helpless Reagan cries out in agony, but she still refuses to provide me the info I need. I select my most painful instrument – a tazapper which creates a firey burning bite with each touch for her bound body. I start slowly giving her a zap in every thigh. Reagan&severe;s body jumps from the burning shock and I continue the interrogation. I laugh like I spark her up, but she doesn´t break. Next I insert clover nipple clamps and a padlock to create weight which pulls cruelly on her nipples. I can see that my sufferer is devastated and I hope the demolished beauty will crack and start to talk. Still Regan is loyal and stubborn. I begin to torment her with ice hoping to eventually annihilate her. Grabbing a handful of ice cubes and then shoving them into her pussy will the trick. Reagan screams since the ice will be rubbed all over her and she gradually begins to disclose the info. I smack her about slapping her face and her tits as she begins to speak and tell me all. Sobbing like a infant Reagan gives me all of the info. I pour the remaining ice all on her head and await the last of the specifics of the performance from her. My telephone rings and I must answer it. I leave warning the spy which I’ll return. Seeing no one about, Reagan struggles and manages to get free from her bondage. She removes the tens pads along with the wax from her tits grasping them. Reagan crawls into her bikini and places it on. She looks around frantically for her interrogator and for an escape route because she moves through the deserted building and out the doorway to her freedom.

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