Kandy in Kandy’s Sweaty Booty Ball Workout Cum Countdown April 25, 2017 FlipFlops, GoddessParties

Kandy is seen sitting on her exercise ball and talking about her busy schedule. As you can see, sheaEUR(tm),s already sweaty and has moisture all over her body. You can sit back and observe her do the work, she says. Before your session starts, you’ll probably have to wipe off all her sweat. She bounces around on the ball and gives you incredible views. The medicine ball helps her sweat out. She says, “I feel water running down my face crackaEUR.” Because she likes to make a joke about you, she has her pants on. She says, “Maybe IaEUR ™ will make you sweat all over my underarms before I give a good beating.” She bounces up and down while she has her full, beautiful ass. It would knock your out, or even give you black eyes. That would be a great badge of honour! Kandy continues to bounce and then Kandy moves back and forth onto the ball. You get an incredible view of her upper body as she hangs above the ball. It will be hard not to want to sink your head into her cheeks, licking like a dirty dawg. I hope that the ball does not explode, but IaEUR ™, will use your face. Kandy takes her pants off and holds them for you to smell before she sits down to continue her exercise. Kandy describes her wet body, including her amazing tits. She says, “AEURoeNo tits” as she points to her tummy and you can see just how wet she is. What is more honorable than to clean up the body of your MistressaEUR(tm). It’s not, I believe! KandyaEURTM(tm), who is bouncing again and again, releases a delicious fart into her sex; more flavor for her to enjoy. After blowing gas in your face, she laughs and then switches to rollingaEUR’bouncing which gives you a stunning view of her pussy and asshole. She can tell you when you are getting tired and how your asshole and farts make you feel. You should start to stroke your dicklette, to make it hard but she won’t stop until you say so. AEURoeI don’t want you to think about your ass all day.aEUR She threatens to make you her slave. You will follow her around, whether you are in public or private. You will follow her counting down, aEURoeten to nine, nine, eight and then stall until she reaches aEURoeoneaEUR. She encourages you, but you have to wait before she tells you to cump on her feet. She looks up at you and says “AEURoeNot mine; go down to my feet, and lick my cum!” Do it right and you will reap the benefits of all that sweat!

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