Jasmine in Under Desk Interview May 28, 2017 Religious, Tickling

Miss Jasmine is sitting at her desk in the office and says, “It doesn’t take much for you to be fired these days. Especially when your staff are horrible and you’re a perv. Her former manager was also a case in point, and sheaEUR(tm), is now trying to find a replacement. You can now see the candidate below the desk wearing a collar, mask and leash. The poor man arrived dressed in the best and had a great resume. However, he soon discovered that Miss Jasmine would only accept if he can spend at least 30 minutes kneeling under her desk before she orders the next one. Jasmine shows Jasmine an assortment of shoesboxes that contain brand-new shoes she has been collecting from slaves who were eager to please. Each pair of stunning stilettos is carefully lifted by Jasmine, who then asks her applicant to show how well he can take care of the soles and the heels. HeaEUR(tm), she laughs, says that even if he succeeds, he will not get these pristine heels. HeaEUR(tm), however, will need to be ready to clean up any debris sheaEUR ™ has walked in. I travel a lot. I sometimes travel to the third world and I also go to gay bars. Although I enjoy doing shoe jobs, the men get into my shoes and make it look terrible. She then lists a lot of the other unpleasant things that her shoes may come in contact with. Successful applicants must expect to sit under her desk for a while and then lick whatever she hands him. The slave is expected to change into her shoes and then lovely go through them. Jasmine mentions to Jasmine that she will be expecting the candidate to live below her desk and clean the shoes for all the other employees. Wow, what a wonderful collection! The good news? You still have time to apply for office doormat position!

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