Harley in Seancody Pete & Harley June 10, 2009 Facials, Twinks

Pete met Harley a couple of months ago, before they got together to perform this film.There were out over the weekend doing different films, but ran to each other at the pool. I believe the guys have learned that when they see another hot man at the resort, the odds are high they’re here for us!Anywaythey struck up a conversation and spent the day hanging out.Apparently, Harley made a major impression on Pete.I was talking to Pete the afternoon after he met Harley, and also Pete kept hinting that he wished to maintain a movie with Harley. Finally, he came straight out and said it.I was also making him work for it, because I guessed one thing:”You have a tiny crush going there, dont you?” I asked with a grin. “Yeah,” Pete explained. “I really like him. “So I knew I wanted to get them together. But, Harley is occupied with a great deal of different things, so it could take some time to get his sexy ass out here.I dont know for sure, but I think that the two of them had traded numbers and have been talking at the meantime. Because it appeared every time I watched Pete he was more anxious to hook up using Harley.So the day finally arrived, and we just needed to tease Pete a bit:”So is it true you have just a little guy crush on Harley here” “A bit,” he said with a shy grin on his face. “What do you find attractive about him?” “Everything!” He explained. Straight to the point! I really can inform Harley was flattered. So he probably gets that all the time, However, hes hot! “Im looking forward to having a fantastic time,” Harley said. “It appears like Pete will enjoy today and that I think’m going to do the exact same. “Awwww! “Im concerned,” Pete replied. “I need to do this…””Maybe you have noticed his weiner yet?” We asked. “I have,” Pete said.Hmmm. Wonder when that took place? “How big can it be?” “Its pretty large,” Pete replied. “So yeah, Im eager…”

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